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HUGE Selection

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
With such a HUGE selection, how could you not find the PERFECT Jeff Bridges item for your sweetheart this Valentine’s day?

Ya know, when I moved to Utah, I was rather disappointed at the lack of Jeff Bridges items in the shopping emporiums.  I was especially dismayed when there was a particular Jeff Bridges item I was lacking for my upcoming dinner party.  You cannot comprehend my excitement when today I found that Yahoo has a HUGE selection of Jeff Bridges items!  Yahoo saves the day again!

Had to share this ad that showed up from the Google Adsense on my page.  I have seen these funny Adsense ads for years now, but this one just seemed a little funnier.  And I am mystified as to what it pulled from my front page that had much anything to do with Jeff Bridges.  The best I can figure is that Mia Farrow is mentioned in the excerpt of my Be Kind Rewind post and they were in The Last Unicorn together, which I mention in the post itself, but not in the excerpt.

But really, what is a Jeff Bridges item?  A lock of hair? An autographed Laserdisc of Starman? Or is it really Dennis Quaid items that they are trying to pass off as Jeff Bridges items?