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Letter of Recommendation

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

I stumbled upon this letter for recommendation written by Nathan Bible while cleaning up my hard drive.  I doubt he had any idea when he wrote it 3 years ago that it would become a guest article on my blog.

To The Council of Elron:

Craigolas, son of Roberriwin, has demonstrated skill in all aspects of Elven tradition, including, but not limited to, archery, shooting arrows, using a bow, and hand to hand combat (with the use of arrows).  He has shown many times his ability to run swiftly and also stand on snow without sinking in.  His capacity to listen really hard and hear quiet things is impressive.

I worked together with Craigolas when both of us were members of the Fellowship of the Onion Rings.  His determination and fighting skill were apparent when he managed to fight his way out of a crowd of orcs as they attacked one at a time from a
single direction.  I also observed his ability to ride a horse very fast, which was clearly due to his expertise at sitting
on the horse’s back, and had nothing to do with the strength and agility of the horse.

To sum up, my opinion of Craigolas is that his ears are very pointy.


Nathandolf the Plaid

P.S.  Also he is wicked sexy.

I can’t believe this didn’t get me that job.

The really funny thing is that he probably spent more time working on this parody letter than on the real one.  Although the real one might be funnier.

School is cool, kids!

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

So I have had a bit of a blogging drought. It happens.

So here I will announce my return to school. Well, kind of…

Starting June 1, 2009, I will be “attending” Western Governer’s University and earning a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (emphais, if any to be determined later).  It is an accreditted, online school that truly is self-paced (within reason).  Plus it is pretty cheap and I get a discount through my employer.

Tuition is just under $3,000 per 6-month semester, plus a library fee ($45) and depending on the program, more fees as needed.  IT has no extra fees except the library fee.  And the semesters are 6 months, not 4ish and you can take an many classes as you can… if you finish one, you can start another.  If you can put the time into it, the value is actually pretty dang good.  It is online though, and not everyone can learn independently.

Based on my transfered credits, they estimate it should take me 18 months to 2.5 years.  I am going for 18 months or less, BABY!


Sunday, April 5th, 2009

Here is a quick one. So I was finally doing the taxes (hey, it isn’t April 15th YET…)

I thought I was going to have to pay some federal taxes. But then I noticed a “Retirement savings contributions credit” on line 51 of form 1040 that I had not investigated. Both Karalene and I contribute to a 401K, so I thought it was worth looking into.

And it was. Now I don’t have to pay federal taxes. I am getting a refund…
of exactly one dollar…


If you haven’t seen Better Off Dead, you should.  It makes this post slightly funnier.

It’s Official

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Alana is my 3 year old neice on my wife’s side of the family. This is a conversation that Karalene relayed to me.

Alana: I want to see a manatee.

Karalene: A manatee?

Alana: Yes, a manatee.

Karalene: Well maybe they will have manatees at the aquarium when it is finished.

Alana: No, I want to see a manatee. Uncle Craig is a manatee.

And once a three year old says it, it is official. So now I am more than justified to go by the title “Land Manatee”.

So it is official now. My niece (on Karalene’s side of the family)

Big New Furniture

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

The Wide Saragasso Couch

We finally did it.  Well most of it.  For years we have been talking about getting a new couch to replace our futon and a new TV.  We still don’t have a new TV, but we have a nice, new big couch!  And although we are quite happy with the big green chair my mom gave me, we got a chair/loveseat to match our new couch.

 We found this set at the RC Willey Outlet in West Jordan, not too far south from where we live.  We found them in the clearence “as-is” section. They looked as new as the new items.  Apparently, RC Willey has some kind of policy where if you don’t like a new item after two weeks you can return it/exchange it, or something like that.  That is where a lot of their “as-is” items come from.  They can’t sell it as new because it isn’t and cheap people like me save a lot of money!

Is it a chair or a loveseat!?

Is it a chair or a loveseat!? And yes, that is our jumbo sized remote. Doesn't look so big on the arm of this chair.

Karalene and I sat a several different couches.  This one was comfy.  And something we didn’t realize until we saw this couch was how much we like deep furniture.  And then I noticed kind of far away from the couch a matching chair.  And for as big as they are and as nice as they were, we didn’t think the prices were bad at all.

Then the salesman made it even easier for us.  “Well, that price is a pretty good deal, but I can take an additional 15% off too.”  “We can’t deliver it for 3 weeks, so why don’t I give you another huge discount if you can pick it up in the next two days?”  (They were kind of over flowing with clearence items and I think they needed the space.)  We ended up getting everything for what I believe was less than 50% of full retail price.

To give some idea of how big the pieces are, I stuck a normal, adult, men’s basketball on them when I took these pictures.  Karalene and I can lay on the couch side by side comfortably.  When I lay on it with my head touching one end, even if I stretch my toes, I can’t quite reach the other end.  And I’m kinda tall.  The pillows help make it shallower if you don’t want to sit so far back, so the pillows give it some versatility. 

Karalene and I can sit next to each other on the chair and there is still room for another person if they are skinnier than us.    If I sit in it sideways, straight up, my legs fit almost perfectly.  It is a wide chair.   

And we like the color.

But we didn’t just get a new chair and a couch.  We also bought a dresser/TV stand. 

A nice,new,big,flat screen TV would fit nicely here...

A nice,new,big,flat screen TV would fit nicely here...

This was in the scratch and dent section.  It is really hard to see the scratches and/or dents.  In the end this came to only $175 (plus tax).  I was at IKEA the day before and saw things not nearly as big or solid for closer to $300.

So why the dresser?  Well, we sold our TV and its stand (cheaply) to some family who recently moved and didn’t have a TV or any furniture.  For those of you worrying about what happened to our futon, it went to the same place and has a good home. Of course, now someone else’s living room looks just like ours used to.
Oh, and as for the green chair my mom gave me – we kept that, of course!  It’s in our spare room now and will be a nice reading chair.  Someday (THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT!) maybe that will be a baby room and it will be a nice chair to sit in and hold baby. 

The furniture wasn’t so difficult to get in.  The couch and chair are relatively short without the back pillows on them.  We just had to turn them on their sides and they fit right in.  It helps that we didn’t have to maneuver through any hallways and were able to just set it right by the front door.  The couch sure was heavy though.  I recommend at least four people, one on each corner, to move it.  And take the pillows off.  They weight a lot.

So there is our new furniture.  It makes us happy and we feel more like grown ups now.

And yes.  You are seeing the tags still on the furniture in the pictures.  That shouldn’t surprise too many people who know me.  I can’t become a real grown up all at once now, can I?

Suggested discussion topic: Is my chair a chair or a loveseat?  Does a loveseat have to have two cushions?