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Letter of Recommendation

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

I stumbled upon this letter for recommendation written by Nathan Bible while cleaning up my hard drive.  I doubt he had any idea when he wrote it 3 years ago that it would become a guest article on my blog.

To The Council of Elron:

Craigolas, son of Roberriwin, has demonstrated skill in all aspects of Elven tradition, including, but not limited to, archery, shooting arrows, using a bow, and hand to hand combat (with the use of arrows).  He has shown many times his ability to run swiftly and also stand on snow without sinking in.  His capacity to listen really hard and hear quiet things is impressive.

I worked together with Craigolas when both of us were members of the Fellowship of the Onion Rings.  His determination and fighting skill were apparent when he managed to fight his way out of a crowd of orcs as they attacked one at a time from a
single direction.  I also observed his ability to ride a horse very fast, which was clearly due to his expertise at sitting
on the horse’s back, and had nothing to do with the strength and agility of the horse.

To sum up, my opinion of Craigolas is that his ears are very pointy.


Nathandolf the Plaid

P.S.  Also he is wicked sexy.

I can’t believe this didn’t get me that job.

The really funny thing is that he probably spent more time working on this parody letter than on the real one.  Although the real one might be funnier.