Dreams are such fleeting things…

Okay, I have not blogged for a long while and this probably isn’t the best topic to blog about but what the heck.

So I had a weird dream this morning.   I don’t remember much more than scanty details (I played for 12 seconds in the NBA and there was some sort of reunion where I was playing basketball with 4 other people against everyone else) prior to where I will start in the dream, but know this was not the whole dream.

Karalene and I were on our way back from somewhere and for some reason she was still in her pajamas.  We found somewhere (maybe a mall parking lot?) to pull over where she could go in and change.  Suddenly, it was night time.  For some reason I was trying to lock the car with it still running so no one would steal it, but I didn’t want to shut it off.  I realized I had left the window cracked when a car pulled up next to us and Cora Jones (someone I know from high school) was driving, but she was really sick with food poisoning or something.  She was waiting for an ambulance to come pick her up.  Since I was waiting for Karalene, I said I would wait with her. 

Some creepy guys showed up.  In the dream I remembered encountering them before and knew they were harmless, but just obsessed with keys and how pretty they were.  After they have creeped Cora into a corner I managed to pull her out and let her know they just liked her house key. 

The ambulance and Karalene were taking a while, so I guess we went to a party where I knew people.  At the party, we found an XML file that had been handwritten by David Cross (the actor) on a piece of notebook paper.  It was an outline of a psychiatric session with the two key guys.  At the end of the session, they were going on about how the world would be cleansed as punishment for people mistreating their keys, which worried me. 

The guys showed up at the point and so I tried to figure out whose party it was.  I asked Mike Lilleburg (another friend from high school) but he didn’t know.  After the dream was over, I think I figured out it was the key guys’ party (not a key party though… eww…).  Because of some small detail that has disappeared from my memory, everyone started making fun of Cora, so we left. 

After walking a block in this large subdivision/mall parking lot, we found the ambulance.  It wasn’t like a real ambulance though.  It was more like the van that “Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem” had in the Muppet Movie.  There were two older ladies driving it and behind their heads was a balcony like seating area where the patients sat.  They were picking up a little girl and when I tried to get Cora on, the driver old lady was cranky and drove off before she could get on.

We were then driving in a car and calling another ambulance and the dispatch person said there was already one there and we should get on it.  I tried to explain that they already left without us.


Robert Downey Jr. has found evidence and is showing it to super important government people that there is a cache of some ultra dangerous substance called Trapapan the size of Vermont and the key guys are going to use it to kill everyone and Cora was probably poisoned by it.  THE WORLD IS IN DANGER!

And then my wife got a text message from her friend she walks with in the mornings, waking me up 2 minutes before the alarm was going to go off.

You always wake up when it is getting good. 

And “Super Trooper” by ABBA is in my head.  But not with the right lyrics.  Not the wrong lyrics either… just vague ramblings that fit the music but aren’t quite words.

3 Responses to “Dreams are such fleeting things…”

  1. Mindy says:

    You must keep a dream blog. This was hilarious!

    • Craig Ludlow says:

      Thanks! I was concerned everyone’s response would be along the lines of “What is this crap? Is he really putting this on his blog?”

      I already made a “Dreams” category, and right after I wake up is about the only time I have to blog so this might become a regular enough thing…

  2. Nathan says:

    An XML file handwritten by David Cross is the best thing that could ever be in a dream.