HUGE Selection

With such a HUGE selection, how could you not find the PERFECT Jeff Bridges item for your sweetheart this Valentine’s day?

Ya know, when I moved to Utah, I was rather disappointed at the lack of Jeff Bridges items in the shopping emporiums.  I was especially dismayed when there was a particular Jeff Bridges item I was lacking for my upcoming dinner party.  You cannot comprehend my excitement when today I found that Yahoo has a HUGE selection of Jeff Bridges items!  Yahoo saves the day again!

Had to share this ad that showed up from the Google Adsense on my page.  I have seen these funny Adsense ads for years now, but this one just seemed a little funnier.  And I am mystified as to what it pulled from my front page that had much anything to do with Jeff Bridges.  The best I can figure is that Mia Farrow is mentioned in the excerpt of my Be Kind Rewind post and they were in The Last Unicorn together, which I mention in the post itself, but not in the excerpt.

But really, what is a Jeff Bridges item?  A lock of hair? An autographed Laserdisc of Starman? Or is it really Dennis Quaid items that they are trying to pass off as Jeff Bridges items?



One Response to “HUGE Selection”

  1. craigludlow says:

    And to add to the humor… there are no Jeff Bridges items being advertised on THIS page.

    Oh wait… if you scroll down a few ad pages there are. Nevermind.